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SCOOPS served in a cup or any cone

Kid's Size...$4    Regular Size...$5.50

Large Size...$6.50


SUNDAES single topping, nuts, whipped cream & cherry added to any ice cream...add $1

'ARTIST'AN SUNDAES our featured giant sundaes...$9

SLEDGEHAMMER SUNDAES layered in tall cup

full...$7.50  half...$5.50

HAND-DIPPED SPARKLER 16oz your choice of sorbet blended with flavored soda...$7.50

SMOOTHIES 16 ounces of hand scooped sorbet, blended with your choice of fruit and whole milk or almond milk...$7.50

Swap a scoop of sorbet with vanilla ice cream for a cream smoothie!

FROZEN COFFEE 16 ounces, your choice of flavor

(S'mores, Chocolate Toffee, Snickerdoodle, White Chocolate Raspberry, Espresso, Oreo or Caramel Banana)...$7.50

HAND-DIPPED MILKSHAKES 16oz your choice of ice cream blended with whole milk or almond milk...$7.50

BANANA SPLIT 3 scoops & 3 toppings
Regular...$9   Mini...$6

FLOATS (2 scoops)

Cold Brew Coffee...$7     Root Beer...$6.50

ICE CREAM SAMPLER (Mini scoops) your choice of 5 flavors...$9

ICE CREAM PIE Brownie "crust" topped with your choice of ice cream and 2 toppings...$27

**requires advanced notice


PINTS ...$7.50


CUSTOM FLAVOR ORDERS create your own flavors, talk to us about options, $60 minimum and advanced ordering required

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