All prices include sales tax

SCOOPS served in a cup or any cone

Kid's Size...$3.50    Regular Size...$5.00

Large Size...$6.00

*ADULT FLAVORS, add $0.50 per scoop

WAFFLE charge!

SUNDAES make any scoop an ice cream sundae


'ARTIST'AN SUNDAES our featured giant sundaes...$8

SLEDGEHAMMER SUNDAES layered in tall cup

full...$7.50  half...$5.50

HAND-DIPPED SPARKLER 16oz your choice of sorbet blended with flavored soda...$7

SMOOTHIES 16 ounces of hand scooped sorbet, blended with your choice of fruit and whole milk or almond milk...$7

Swap a scoop of sorbet with vanilla ice cream for a cream smoothie!

HAND-DIPPED MILKSHAKES 16oz your choice of ice cream blended with whole milk or almond milk...$7

BANANA SPLIT 3 scoops & 3 toppings
Regular...$9   Mini...$5

ICE CREAM SANDWICH Bite Me Cookies Chocolate chunk cookies filled with a large scoop of ice cream. Your choice of vanilla, chocolate, caramel pecan or sweet 'n salty brown sugar...$5.50

ICE CREAM SAMPLER Mini scoops served flight-style, your choice of 5 flavors...$8


PINTS Regular flavors...$7  Adult flavors...$8.50

HALF GALLON Regular..$22  Adult...$25

CUSTOM FLAVOR ORDERS create your own flavors, talk to us about options, $60 minimum and advanced ordering required